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 Dear Corbetters,
 O.K. so you finally got me involved. I don't know if I misunderstood some of 
you, but it does seem that some on the list are proposing to do away with 
elections and install some kind of benevolent dictartorship. Why do you 
propose this? Because, according to you, the average Ha´tian who cannot read 
or write, can't possibly know what is good for him and his children? You are 
willing to take away the right to vote from a people who survived a brutal 
coup against them and, just as bad, an embargo that has hurt them to this 
day, because YOU think that they don't know what is good for them? In a 
paternal way YOU are going to show them the way.
  This kind of attitude brings me back to South Africa 25 years ago, when 
whites there were telling me that the blacks in the country would not be 
ready to govern themselves for another hundred years and so they, the whites, 
should govern and guide them. Well, thank God that situation has changed, and 
the black population has proved itself capable of running the country.
  I had promised myself not to get involved in Ha´tian politics since I'm not 
Ha´tian but this one was just to big to let by.
  Guy Renaud P.A.P..