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#2115: High Voter Participation Predicted by ECOSOF (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <MaxBlanchet@worldnet.att.net>

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Fanmi Lavalas comes in first according to a
survey carried out by ECOSOF of the public's
voting intentions
Translated by Max Blanchet

Port-au-Prince, 31 janvier 2000 -(AHP)- The Haitian firm ECOSOF,
which specializes in the analysis and collection of economic data,
has published in the last two issues of its bulletin "l'Economique au
quotidien" the first elements of its survey  of the political situation.
The survey was carried out in October and November 1999.

According to this survey which dealt with the profile of the
electorate, 86% of the potential voters stated their intention
to participate in the coming elections and  11.6% indicated
that they will not.

At the time this survey was conducted  and during which 9000
individuals were queried in all 9 departments, more than 40% had
made up their minds about the senatorial races in their respective
areas, 59% had decided regarding the races to the lower house,
and 45% about the municipal elections.

According to Jean-Claude Polvin, ECOSOF's president, 17% of the
people surveyed belong to political parties and 83% do not belong
to any party.

According to the former group, Fanmi Lavalas will be first with 33%,
OPL will come in second with 26% and 9% had no opinion.
MOCRENHA, Espace de Concertation and the Parti Louvri BaryŔ
obtained 4.5%, 3.95% and 3.27% respectively.The balance is
shared among 25 other political organizations.

Among non-affiliated voters (83%), 33% favor Fanmi Lavalas, 11%
OPL and 49% have no opinion.

According to the survey, party members ranged between 18 and 25
years of age, and non-affiliated voters between 30 and 40.
According to ECOSOF, a large number will register in order to
take part in the elections.

According to Mr. Polvin, ECOSOF has taken steps to carry out
the follow-up of this first survey for as long as it takes to track the 
Haitian electorate. More than 200 pollsters have been hired
nationwide for that purpose.

An institute called ECODATA has been created to carry out surveys
and process the data from such surveys.

AHP 31 janvier 2000 11:00 AM