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#2139: Disinformation attack on Aristide or truth?

From: Mark Dow <mdow@igc.org>

[Corbett notes:  Please respond directly to Mark]

Does anyone have *specific* information about the source and/or truth of
the allegation that a $27 dollar Port-au-Prince airport tax goes to
Aristide's mother?  Thanks.  
Mark Dow

[Corbett adds:  I have been in touch with Mark.  He assures me that this
is not a fishing expedition in which Aristide is denounced by the very
question itself.  Rather, he is in contact with a Haitian person
in New York who has written this claim into a newspaper and Mark wants
to be able to combat the rumor is it is only that.  So, please, if you
have further information in any direction, please contact Mark.]