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#2139: Re: #3134: City seeks change in U.S. Haiti policy : Bellegarde-Smith comments

From: P D Bellegarde-Smith <pbs@csd.uwm.edu>

The city of North Miami's passage of a motion allowing the same treatment
of Haitians as it does Cubans is closest to immigration policies in
Canada. Of course, what is good for the goose is (in theory) good for the
gander. This change, not likely to ocur, can be applied to others such as
the Chines, Vietnamese, Mexicans, Dominicans who wish to alight in this
country. More likely to occur -- if the Miami mafia fell from grace-- is
that Cubans would  treated the same as Haitians. Still, these is an
articulated agreement between the U.S. and Cuban government that allows
20,000 Cubans to come legally to the United States. This is not replicated
in other bilateral agreements. To an extent, Haitians have been able to
piggy-back on an antiquated U.S.-Cuban policy, albeit not very
successfully. Right-wing dictatorships are our friends (or our creation --
FDR on Domoza, "he is OUR son of a bitch"), left-wing and
nationalist governments are not, even when they are NOT dictatorships. The
Cuban have, additionally, presented themselves as whites. Haitians can
make no such claims. Will North Miami prevail? Not on your sweet bippy!