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#2140: Eliminate Food Aid says Durban

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

Max Blanchet posts the following as fact:

 "In the economic arena, the most minute aspects
  of national economic policy are now being dic-
  tated by IMF, the World Bank and WTO to the
  detriment of the majorities which, in a democratic
  system, should have the final say in such matters."

Seems to me that no country is obliged to accept any
financial credits or loans from these organizations.  And
if you are not in there seeking financial handouts, you are
certainly not obliged to follow their economic dictates. 
And if you are not begging, you'll feel better about

Now, there are those who will argue that Haiti is so poor
it HAS to beg.  But much of the "aid" that does come in
distorts the free market and cripples local industry,
including agriculture.  To my way of thinking, Haiti ought
to (very politely) ask the US government to gradually phase
out all USAID-funded food programs.  Note well I say
"gradually", since to cut off 10% of the Haiti's food
supply could not be done at one time without causing
"structural adjustment problems".  

Lance Durban

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