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#2149: important book on Haitian Creole

From: valdman <valdman@taloa.unice.fr>

>Dominique Fattier of the University of Paris-X (Nanterre) recently
>completed a 20-year project as a Doctorat d'Etat dissertation for Aix.
>The best empirical study of variation in Haitain Creole, it provides a
>commented linguistic atlas of Haiti.  Any specialist of French-lexifier
>creoles, and I would suspect, any creolist interested in the genesis of
>planation creoles, would want to have access to the treasure of
>information this thesis contains.  In addition, persons interested in
>Haitian culture might also w consult it with great profit.
>This is a huge dissertation (it filled six volumes in the version
>presenteed at the defense and contains about 2000 maps showing variables
>for the equal number of targeted lexical and morphosyntactic variants.
>For this important work to be accessible to the scholarly community, the
>publisher has set a modest condition: they must receive ten orders from
>U.S, universities by March 15. Otherwise the work will join the ranks of
>fugitive amterial, available ony to the members of the dissertation jury.
>I urge Anerican creolists, as well as those elsewhere in the world, to ask
>their university library to order this as soon as possible, and at least
>before, say,March 10, so the deadline may be met.

Because it will not sell like hot cakes, the book will be rather expensive:

 1590 French francs or  242, 39 euros ( + mailing:
cost o : 55,50FF)

Fattier, Dominique, 1998, Contribution à l'étude de la genèse d'un créole:
l'Atlas Linguistique d'Haïti, cartes et commentaires , thèse de doctorat
d'état, Université de Provence, 5 volumes.

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