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#2150:RIGHT TO VOTE. Dorce comments


I am not sure at all that Haitians base their political judgement solely on 
sheer emotions. It is certain that when the poor votes in Haiti, he/she votes 
first of all, for someone whom he/she can ubderstand. Someone who speaks and 
anderstands his language. 

We seem to be forgetting about what has been called, emotional intelligence. 
This is a very important factor. The people (the poor uneducated masses), 
usually know in their heart whom to vote for. It may not please some of our 
best, brightest crowd. But it is nevertheless a reality that we all have to 
reckon with.

Also, when one talks about "Le Pouvoir aux plus Capables", one has to be very 
careful. It is true and even essential, that all those who control and run 
our institutions, must be well-prepared for their function. They must be 
technocrats who've been trained to accomplish their specific functions. But 
that does not or should not exclude the popular vote. We've tried that before 
in Haiti, and look where we still are. Nowadays, no matter how one feels 
about the situation in Haiti, one needs to recognize that with as little as 
we have, some things have been accomplished. 

I am not sure I need to go into the details. But by all means, I will if 

Once again, the people need the confidence of their rulers. And that can only 
be acquired through the electoral process.

Hyppolite Pierre