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#2169: vaccinations : Perdue replies

From: Perdue and Persinos <vtandwi@erols.com>

I am what you might call a seasoned traveller with many trips abroad over a
period of more than 45 years, primarily to LDCs, and have visited places far
more threatening healthwise than Haiti which I have visited about 6 times
during recent years.  Some would consider me an adventuresome type because, to
me "going native" is part of the experience.  I have had a few stomach upsets,
but nothing that slowed me down for more than a day or two.  So I think I have
been exposed to far more bugs than those students and have built up an immunity
to many of the bugs encountered in such areas.  My guiding principal is NEVER
not even consider taking a group of students to Haiti without proper

Bob Perdue

Robert Corbett wrote:

> From: Aletha Stahl <stahlal@earlham.edu>
> In May, I will accompany a group of 12 US students to Haiti. Our school
> nurse has bombarded them w/ Center for Disease Control (CDC)
> recommendations for preventive treatments, including anti-typhoid and
> -Hepatitis B measures. When I have traveled to Haiti, I have never bothered
> with either of these, although I took malaria pills and have been
> vaccinated for Hepatitis A.
> Some of my students are stretching themselves financially to make this
> trip, and every penny counts. While legally, I can only support their
> taking all precautions, I would nevertheless like to let them know what
> risks are so that they can make informed decisions (and so that I can
> counter the negative image of Haiti set up by the CDC and reinforced by our
> nurse!).
> I welcome hearing what others of you do or being pointed to sources for
> more info. You are welcome to contact me off list to keep the number of
> messages down.
> Thanks -
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