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#2170: Eating on street: Dorce replies to Corbett


<< [Corbett adds:  I used to eat like Karen describes.  One of my friends
 in Haiti said I was headed for trouble.  NOt used to all this I replied
 in my defense -- I watched the person fry the item before my eyes.
 "Yes," he replied, "but when did the marchant begin using that oil."
 That did put a bit of fear in me.  However, I'm still rather cavalier
 about these matters and while I get occasional loose bowels, I have
 been lucky so far, and do regard it as luck and not wise behavior. >>
This is funny!  I also eat without care (sans souci!) from vendors and cafes 
in Haiti and I also get loose bowels (hey, we're all friends, right?) which I 
just figure go along with the territory.  No harm, no foul.  I make sure I 
drink bottled water and also use it to brush my teeth.  Conversely and 
contrarily,  I eat fresh fruits and vegetables which could be problematic.  I 
admit I do not travel extensively in the countryside where malaria and other 
scary bugs are more likely to be.  If I were to, I would take the malaria and 
hepititus B meds.  

Cheerfully ignorant,

Kathy DorcÚ