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#2176: Haitian elections: comments from Jean Paul

From: Jean Paul <jpp@compa.net>

I am sitting here and reading all sorts of comments and newspaper stories
about the organisation of elections.

I am a technical consultant for elections in Haiti, not funded by the US or
UN, and sit in a glass office overlooking the CEP office entrance. Not once
have I seen a foreign journalist come in and ask questions. The local
journalists come 3 or 4 times a week and most do not want to investigate
this or that. Because of my position I am precluded from speaking my mind.
If I have a main comment is that International assistance to Haiti in all
areas has gone to the dogs.  Is it that no one of quality is willing to come
here anymore or is it that they are just " N'ap suiv"

The recent hanging of an International AID Director over someone else's
sins, while overlooking that Director's sloppy work, speaks volumes.

The Corbett list is a very elite one, one that can wield a tremendous amount
of power.  However, this should be channelled and as my friend Mario is
leading the way by organizing a government in exile, mqny things can be done
without money.

Consider that helping people make the right decisions and prevent wasting
precious money is a tremendous contribution.

Some of the Corbett members know me personally and know that I am probably
insane for believing that implementation of democracy is possible.  From my
Canadian Acadian roots, where we came out of abject poverty by organising,
co-operating and working for the betterment of a community, comes this crazy
idea. If you've done it before, you can do it again.

Vouloir c'est pouvoir.


Some one else has been using my initials lately and this sometimes peeves
me. Especially when they are burning tires which could be used to improve
the infrastructure.