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#2183: street food in Haiti: Chris-Shelane comments

From: chris-shelane <chris-shelane_at_a01-000-000@gs-server.globelsud.net>

When buying fried food in the street (fritay) or other cooked food (manje 
kwit or chen janbe - I love that expression!), another factor is, how long 
has it been sitting there after it was cooked. Both flies and dust will 
then have time to settle. I seem to belong to that category of people 
either with a lot of luck or a strong stomach, and I adher to the theory 
that a couple of germs helps build up your defenses, but more than a couple 
can put you in bed for 2 weeks and ruin your trip.
Excessive precaution can ruin your trip too - or cause amusement. A friend 
of mine bought a sachet of Culligan from a street vendor and went to 
impressive lengths to cut it open without using her teeth, and then pour it 
into her mouth from a height while avoiding direct mouth-to-sachet contact 
[apologies if you're reading this!]