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#2184: More on Larium and malaria

From: sean harvey <seanharvey@juno.com>
> From:Leahgordon@aol.com
> I have visited Haiti numerous times without a single injection or 
> swallowing 
> of a malaria tablet - I once suffered terribly in the hands of 
> malaria 
> tablets - namely Larium - in Rwanda and never propose to do so 
> again. 

Keep in mind that you don't need Larium to protect against malaria in the
Caribbean, only in subsaharan Africa where chloroquine-resistant malaria
is the norm. Chloroquine is bad, but it's like salt-water taffy compared
to Larium, which I'm half convinced is derived from rat poison. I've been
to Haiti several times over the years and have never taken chloroquine
and never gotten sick -- but I have had friends who have gotten malaria
while they were with me, including one guy in Port-au-Prince who was
staying at Ecole San Trinite. So it's all a matter of luck, and probably
much safer to go with chloroquine, even in the capital. Once you get
malaria, it never leaves your system. 

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