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#2193: Re: vaccinations: Medard comments

From: A. =?iso-8859-1?Q?M=E9dard?= <amedard@gte.net>

As for the food cooked by the streets, I would suggest that you simply
be careful about how long before you eat it, that it was cooked. If
street food was cooked in your absence and/or has been sitting a while,
you never know how well it has been cooked, if it has had time to grow
harmful bacteria, where it's been or what's been crawling on it.  In
short, you may be in for an "unpleasant" experience.   It is preferable
that street food be cooked in your presence.

As for water, my family drank Culligan and brushed our teeth with water
from the faucets.  In the 16 years we were there, we never had any real
problem.  (One word of caution:  Giardia can be, however, a realistic

We used Vape for the mosquitos in our house and in the staff quarters
(unless there was no electricity, in which case we used the coils) and
Off! when we were outside.  I do know several people, however, who came
down with Typhoid and with Malaria, so I would recommend prophylactics.
[I was lucky (?) enough to come down with Dengue , but the only
preventative measures I know for that is to stay away from the

Another common disease I saw is parasitic "worms".  Make sure that all
hands have been washed appropriately before touching any food; make sure
that fried food hasn't fallen on the ground or been crawled over by
flies; and make sure veggies & fruits are clean properly.