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#2194: Should the Diaspora be allowed to vote? (fwd)


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While looking at the "Delphi Haiti Forum" this evening, I ran across this
question and thought it to be an interesting one for Corbett land.

Bruce Wharram

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Forum:     the Haiti Forum
Subject:  Should the Diaspora be allowed to vote?
From:     Momzell (MOMZELL)
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DateTime: 1/26/00 2:19:02 PM


Should the Haitian Diaspora be allowed to vote?
Why it is important for the Diaspora to vote?
What should be the first business of the new Haitian congress?

Haitians who are living outside of Haiti are entitled to take part in the
political process of their country. Therefore, it is imperative for them
to use their voting rights. During its first presidential election, South
Africa allowed its  "diaspora citizens" to vote. Many other
countries allow their citizens to vote outside of their country.

During the last presidential election, Haitian candidates came to campaign
in the US, Canada and other places where Haitians leave abroad. Why did
those candidates bother to bring their campaign in the Haitian Diaspora if
one cannot vote?

This new Haitian congress, whose election will be held in March, should,
by June, be able to pass a law that will allow Haitians in the Diaspora
the right to vote. Haitians should be able to vote anywhere Haiti has an
embassy or consulate as long as one is a GOOD CITIZEN.

Please post your messages and share your thoughts on the matter.


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