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#2205: Loupgarou in Jail? Lyall comments

From: Jedidiah <his_voidness@yahoo.com>

> From:NLaleau@aol.com
>  Either 
> the  U.S. "trainers" were consistently appointing
> chiefs with makout-type 
> personality profiles, or else that's just what power
> does to a lot of Haitian 
> men once they taste a little of it... 

Administering power is difficult when you never know
whom of the miscreants are Loupgarou.
One must be very firm when dealing with lougawou.
I have been assured of this many times.
> the jail's records, and we noticed that four
> prisoners had escaped from their 
> locked cell... I questioned the police.  They said
> "They must have turned 
> themselves into werewolves and flown out."  "Yeah,
> right," I answered... 
> figuring that some money had crossed palms.
> Two more months later, I was at the airport waiting
> for a plane to arrive 
> with a friend, and chatted with two HNP who were
> also waiting by the door to 
> the tarmac.  I recounted them both of the above
> stories.  One of them said, 
> "Oh, they were  certainly lying!  It's very unlikely
> that werewolves are 
> involved any more than 20% of the time!"  [He did
> not seem to be kidding.]

The problems dealing with Loupgarou have bedeviled
State authorities for some time it appears.
In these days of human (and other) rights there
is even an association for the protection of
the rights of Lougarou.

I believe that Guy Antoine published their manifesto
some time back.

J David Lyall,
AKA His Voidness, or Soy Devoid
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