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#2207: Krabacher work in Haiti


My name is Susan Krabacher and as some of you may know my husband and I set up a foundation that works for the most part with Haitian children.  You can find out about our work and our goals on the web at wwwhaitichildren.com  I spend quite alot of my time in Haiti.  Our organization employs only Haitians at this time.  I don't speak Creole but I'm learning.  We currently care for over 1100 Haitian Children.  Some of them are in our orphanages and either have only one parent unable to care for them or no parents.  Some are abandaned,handicapped,retarded or terminally ill.  The children that do not live in the orhanages that go to our schools are given uniforms and school supplies and one meal a day (except for the school in Jacmel where we do not have a kitchen faciliy and are in the process of raising funds for this).  
Thanks for all the information you all have shared, I hope I can be of help to you as well

Sincerely ,
Susan Krabacher