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#2209: newspaper article on Haiti Voodoo

From: Mary Jane Fine <mfine@edit.nydailynews.com>

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Hello. My name is Mary Jane Fine. I'm a reporter 
for the 
N.Y. Daily News, and I'm interested in writing a piece about voodoo. An
acquaintance, who teaches comparitive religion at Montclair State
University, told me that the practice of voodoo has changed somewhat
here in the U.S. -- that it's become primarily a home-based religion
here (rather than taking place in a temple), that the ceremonies are
conducted by mambos more often than houngans, and that it is something
people practice more on a crisis/need basis (loss of job, of spouse, of
health) than on a regular schedule.

I want to assure you that my interest in voodoo is serious, not
frivolous. I know voodoo dolls are a Hollywood thing, etc. (My husband
and I went to Haiti 20-some years ago -- Baby Doc was in power -- on our
wedding trip.)

I'm looking for an introduction to someone in the NYC area whom I can
interview -- and who will guide me in researching this story. My thanks
in advance.