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#2223: More on the Feb. 7th anniversary : Poincy comments

From: Jean Poincy <caineve@idt.net>

Frankly, I don't quite get the link between the two periods. Can someone
please elaborate and help me out? At any rate, I sense some condemnation
of the slaves who have risen up against centuries of atrocities done to
them. What if we were in their shoes would we have acted any different?
Abandoned to subhuman living conditions for centuries, these slaves did
not have the time nor the rationale to think that their actions would be
inhuman. The colons committed their atrocities in calm and rational way.
They reduced them to no human being. They were just defending themselves
and tried to guarantee by any means or any best way they can think of,
that the atrocity days would not come back and hunt them.  

I also sense that violence in Ayitian is inherited. For if Jean-Claude
did not leave the same atrocities would reoccur. Violence is an inherent
characteristic of mankind, if not kept in checked it manifests itself
raw regardless the society one is in. I would agree if organization were
lacking and the masses were left alone as they left matters in their
hands now. 

However, was it the case then for that to occur during Jean-Claudes'
era. I doubt that it would have happened. Ayitians were still scared of
violent repression from the army/macoutes to behave in such a violent
way. Aristide's coup d'Etat was a perfect example. Why couldn't they get
out and manifested? They were coward then and they are now. Now they
have tested the terrain and they feel holes underneath, because there is
no force to outdo them, they let their human nature loose. Only
courageous people can do what the slaves had done. Only coward people
get to be violent against unarmed innocent people. There is no
comparison and the violence heritage is a hollow one.

There is nothing to celebrate in Feb. 7th when taking into account the
way things are in Ayiti today. It is total degradation. Feb. 7th was
suppose to be hope. Today is agony in Ayiti. Let's be real.

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live