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#2224: U.S. plot theory Gill comments

From: Mark Gill <markgill@midwest.net>

there is no question that the US had a conflct within its policy
establishment regarding Aristide and the Cedras govt.....the US could
not publicly "side" with the coup, given the policy change toward
"democracy", as represented by the OAS resolutions of l99l, as i

yet, the US did not like the "radicalism" of Aristide, thinking this
would undermine the established relationships with the business elites
in Haiti....

 we see that before the US would return Aristide, he was pressured to
accomodate the interests of the US, World Bank, and the IMF.....these
interests were in association with the economic elites and the army.....

a bit of a sticky wicket.......

it is understandable that the word "conspiracy" is attributed to this
situation.....i think a more appropriate word would be
"hegemony"......it exists, has existed and will exist....

the practical think, in my view, is to see how to make this fact of
political life work for Haiti....fighting against it will do little