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#2230: Dictator/democracy discussion: Auguste comments


Dear Hyppolite Pierre:

You wrote the following paragraphs recently and I am having problem 
reconciling the whole thing. Isn't there a contradiction in your text? I am 
in search of harmony in the ideas you presented. 

On the one hand you advocate intelligent and dedicated political 
leaders.........attract our best minds to the cause of the poor uneducated 
masses..........technocrats to become municipal, legislative, senatorial, 
ministerial leaders........and yet stay away from "Le pouvoir aux plus 
capables." Did I read you right? Please enlighten me. 
".....what Haiti needs is strong and solid institutions,  and not necessarily 
strong, but definitely intelligent and dedicated political leaders.
The real issue I think, is not to keep the poor uneducated masses, away from 
the polling booth. It is rather for the political parties to try and attract 
some of our best minds to their cause, and give those technocrats the chance 
to become leaders of our municipalities, legislative and senatorial chambers, 
ministries, etc. I do think however, that we need to step away from the old 
"Pouvoir aux plus Capables" theory in Haitian Politics."

Jean-Robert B. Auguste