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#2231: Petit Pierre : Delatour comments

From: Mario L. Delatour <mardel@gol.com>

>From Mario L.Delatour mardel@gol.com


Speaking of "Petit Pierre",I never understood why Aubelin took a lot of
pride in the "Petit Pierre" characther.I have seen him introduced himself
to foreigners as "Petit Pierre".The characther as I recall was totally not
flattering to Aubelin.Not in the book and certainly not the way american
actor Roscoe Lee Brown played him in the movie "The Comedians".Aubelin was
made to look like a "stooge".The Aubelin that I know, and the Aubelin that
I read in the days when he stood up to Jean Claude and Michele Duvalier,
certainly was a more interesting person.The characther "Petit Pierre" was
degrading and disrespectful to Aubelin.The characther was reminiscent of
how Holywood portrayed blacks in the thirthies and forties.Remember actress
Butterfly Mc Queen in "Gone with the wind", or is it that i need to read
the book and see the movie once again. I am very fond of Aubelin, but has
the man resigned himself to accepting his fame in such a manner ?

Mario L Delatour