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#2237: Poincy challenges Antoine

From: Jean Poincy <caineve@idt.net>

Antoine, allow me to categorize you under "Agi tator". You are
undermining the power necessary by Delatour's cabinet to begin its 21st
century revolution. Not a revolution through arms but through ideas. You
know the prime mister post is very challenging and it will take a hard
look on the part of the president before finding a qualified one as the
one who refuses it in the first place.  It is quite sad when one capable
individual turns it down while all his/her efforts show that s/he means
well and would do everything in his/her power to make things better for
such a martyr people like Ayitians.

Since, the government will be based on authoritarian ruling to build
strong foundation for the country for at least a generation, I would
suggest to the president to make a national crime turning down a public
post offered to well qualified citizen. The basis would be neglect of
one's moral obligation toward his/her community. Or would be a crime any
attempt by an individual who refuses a public post to warn the public
against a cabinet members' ambition to a ministry "sans portefueuille"
or chief of staff with a double coup d'état skim in his head.

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live