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#2238: Revised call for papers for HSA


Twelfth Annual Conference

October 26-28, 2000
Crowne Plaza Hotel
West Palm Beach, Florida

Changing the Landscape of Education for Haitians in the New Century: 
Current Issues, Best Practices, and Promising Initiatives

Chanje Figi Edikasyon ann Ayiti nan Syhk kounyeya a: Pwoblhm Jodi a, 
Bonjan Solisyon pou yon Demen Miyr

Changer les Horizons de l'Education Haitienne dans le Sihcle Prisent: 
Situations Courantes, Solutions Adiquates en vue d'un Avenir Meilleur

The conference explores many of the educational issues and challenges 
affecting Haitian society and the Haitian diaspora. These issues include, 
but are not limited to, formal learning, education and development, 
health, civic education and governance as well as the role of education 
in the process of economic and political reconstruction. Effective 
practices, at all levels from early childhood to post-graduate work, will 
be discussed and disseminated.

The conference further calls for Haitianists and other scholars to 
explore the role of education in Haitian social reconstruction and in the 
process of establishing democratic governance. Especially, we welcome 
papers and panel proposals that look at the broader role education plays 
in Haitian society and diasporic communities. Examples might 

7 education and development
7 formal and informal learning environments
7 immigration and education
7 language and education
7 technical education
7 health and education
7 politics and education
7 education in the formation of identity
7 education and cultural preservation
7 education in a global political-economy
7 education in the scientific, information, and telecommunication age
7 culture, religious beliefs and their effects on the learning styles of
7 Haitians

In addition, presidential, parliamentary, and local elections are 
scheduled in Haiti for the year 2000. HSA invites papers, panels, 
roundtable discussions that explore the electoral process and its impact 
on Haitian communities at home and abroad.

Guidelines for general participation in the conference and a proposal 
submission form are attached. Please keep proposals to one-page, 
excluding information on authors and presenters. To be considered, 
proposals must be postmarked by April 28, 2000.


If submitting a panel proposal, you must include a title for each paper 
within that panel.  In addition, panels should include no more than 3 
papers and a chair/discussant.  Roundtable proposals should include no 
more than 4 participants plus a chair/moderator. 

Contact Information
When submitting any type of proposal, it is essential that the contact 
information be listed for all those designated in the proposal.  In 
addition, it is important to list a primary contact person for 
notification of acceptance or rejection of proposals for the 2000 
conference.  HSA will only contact the person designated as the primary 

Participation Limitation
HSA tries to allow as many people to participate in the conference as 
possible.  Therefore, each participant is limited to one paper 
presentation. However, a participant can perform two different 
roles-presenting a paper and chairing a panel, or presenting a paper and 
participating in a roundtable discussion.

All program participants must register for the conference. 
Pre-registration will begin in the month of July. You need not be a 
member of HSA to present at the conference, but we encourage you to join 
the organization.

Notification of Decision
Decision regarding acceptance and rejection of papers/panels will be 
announced in June. If your paper is accepted, you will be required to 
submit the abstract and text electronically or on a disk by September 1, 
2000 to HSA and the panel chair. Papers may also be submitted for 
publication in the Journal of Haitian Studies. For information on the 
Journal, please contact Claudine Michel, University of California at 
Santa Barbara, Center for Black Studies, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-3140, 
(805) 893-3914, email: michel@sscf.ucsb.edu.


A. Abstract - Please attach description of paper, not to exceed one typed 
page, including name, title of paper/panel, and contact information
B. Name:  							Work 
Mailing address:  						Home 
C.	Present Institutional/Organizational Affiliation: 																					
D. If paper has multiple authors, please attach ALL of their contact 
E. Who will serve as the primary contact if different from above :  						

1) Title of paper
2) Description of paper--not to exceed one page
3) Contact information of author
4) Specify the author's membership status
5) Submissions must be typed

If paper has multiple authors, you must provide:
1) Contact information for all authors as well as the HSA membership 
status of each author
2) Specify the order that you wish the authors to be listed in the program
3) You must indicate who is the primary contact	

To be considered, proposals must be postmarked by April 28, 2000. Please 
mail or e-mail your proposals to:

Haitian Studies Project
University of Massachusetts at Boston
100 Morrissey Boulevard
 McCormack Hall 2-211
Boston, MA 02125-6511
Phone: (617) 287-7138
Fax: (617) 287-6511
E-mail: hsa@umb.edu

The Conference is co-sponsored by the School District of Palm Beach 
County, Florida, International Student Support/Multicultural Awareness 
and the Africana Studies Department at the University of Massachusetts at 


Haitian Studies Association

Twelfth Annual Conference

Changing the Landscape of Education for Haitians in the New Century: 
Current Issues, Best Practices, and Promising Initiatives

October 26-28, 2000
Crowne Plaza Hotel
West Palm Beach, Florida