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#2267: Francois Duvalier: Delatour comments.. (fwd)

From: Mario L. Delatour <mardel@gol.com>

from Mario L. Delatour mardel@gol.com

To the Francois Duvalier revisionists on the Corbett list I offer the
following project. 

As I have once collaborated on a movie with master horror filmmaker Wes
Craven,I should like to invite him back to Haiti, this time not to chase
zombies, but rather to do the definitive film on the sinister characther
Dr.Francois Duvalier. Wes Craven is a man who enjoys to assault all of our
senses,he would certainly appreciate the following cast of characthers. We
would call the movie "Nightmare on Champs de mars".This would be a two part
feature: The first part, would feature "Papa Doc" Aka Dr.Mengele. The
second part, would feature more gore with "Basket head Baby Doc" and his
vamp "Michele". Somewhere in there we will have to stick "Maman Simone" "La
gardienne de la revolution". The posters for both films would be done by
artist Edouard Duval Carrie.

It would be a sure box office success if one consider the following cast: 
LUC DESYR: Papa Doc's master henchman.Luc had a thing about wearing white
make up like Baron Samedi and enjoyed quoting from the bible as he
supervised his daily torture sessions. Luc was thorough in his craft,he
recorded his torture sessions and kept them in an immaculate archive for
his boss Papa Doc. In 1986 after his house had been "Dechouke",I had the
most unfortunate privilege of hearing such a tape,it was that of Rameau
Estime a former Minister of Justice of Papa Doc.On this tape Luc screamed
"Kasse dwet li..Kasse dwet li" (brake his fingers).It is said that Luc
enjoyed going to Paris because whenever he walked into a store they would
say "Bonjour... Monsieur desire". Luc came back to Haiti convinced he was
popular in France as everyone seemed to know his name.

ELOIS MAITRE: Ah...Papa Doc knew how to pick them. In the early sixties
when Air Con was becoming popular in cars in Haiti,Elois would force his
driver to roll up the windows of his creme Ford Comet despite the fact he
had no AC. As a child I often saw both of them drive down John Brown
sweating profusively.

BOSS PEINT: Now, Boss Peint was a man who use to paint houses for a living,
but with Papa Doc, things got better,he started killing and terrorizing
people.Boss Peint did so well he bought himself a 57 Dynaflow Buick.If you
so much looked at or touched the car,you would win the Grand prize of
spending 3 days in the trunk of the Buick.

TI BOBO: Now Papa Doc had a thing about hiring the services of these
dimunitive mean and cruel Macoutes,they all had names like Ti Kabich,Ti
Courri,Ti Camelo and Ti Josma. Ti Bobo was the most famous one of them
all,like Boss Peint when his lot got better,he opened up a restaurant by
the Stade Sylvio Cator.One had to be careful when patronizing TI BOBO's
restaurant.You see, TI BOBO did not look favorably on those who did not
finish their meals.Many were forced to clean up their plates at gun point.
One day TI BOBO's luck ran out on him.An army corporal dressed up as a
civilian was subjected to the ritual,he felt humiliated, he pulled out his
gun and shot TI BOBO dead. 

                                             END OF PART I