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#2268: Francois Duvalier part II.Delatour comments (fwd)

From: Mario L. Delatour <mardel@gol.com>

                                         Part II

LUCKNER CAMBRONNE: Now Luckner was a pioneer,imaginative & crafty
businessman.He was the first to start selling Haitian blood overseas,we had
good blood in those days,no aids, so our blood was much valued.Luckner
kicked a few bucks at the poor folks who sold their blood in desperation
and made a killing.But Luckner was not content with just Blood money,he
also shipped and sold dead bodies to hospitals stateside.Now Luckner was an
original,yes,the original Blooksucker.It is said that Luckner was also
Manman Simone's lover,had this been true,Luckner would have been the first
guy to double crossed Papa Doc and get away with it.

SONN TASSY & JEAN TASSY: Now here is a couple of nice guys.Two army
officiers of a different breed.One worked at the "Recherches crimminel" his
favorite pastime was puncturing people's eyeballs with pencils.While in
exile in Brazil it is said that this Tassy brother had a child born
blind.The other one Papa Doc executed among the 19 officiers he sent to the
firing squad in 1967.(Historians please correct me if i am wrong about this

ZACHARY DELVAS: Alias "Parrain" the godfather of Gonaives.Zachary ran his
fiefdom with a tight fist.On his birthday, people were expected to go say
hello and kiss "Parrain". Dont come empty handed.

MADAME MAX ADOLPHE: # 1 "Fillette Laleau",Supreme head macoute and one time
head of notoriously famous Fort Dimanche.She had a thing for vintage WW II
M-1 rifles and Emilio Zapata amunition belts.What can i say Papa Doc kept
company with a bunch of nice people.

FRANK ROMAIN: Alias "Franco Nero" or "PA KA PA LA" as he was fond of
calling himself. Frank served Francois very well,if you look at Bernard
Diederich's book "Papa Doc" there is a picture of the execution of Numas
and Drouin.The military guy in the foreground administering the "coup de
grace"that's Frank.In those days he was a young captain.Years later when he
became chief of police in the early seventies, he tolerated no Afro hairdos
or beards or long sideburns.He also had an aversion to mullatoes he
eliminated two of the Vieux brothers in Lamentin for no reason at all.He
also orchestrated the scandalous attack on St Jean Bosco church.Frank was
so mean,when he talked to you,you had the impression his teeth were
sealed.These days Frank is living out his old days in Honduras with another
famous cohort known as Michel Francois.

On a serious note Jean Poincy and David xYoung, Francois Duvalier was a
monster,a psychopath whose regime caused much pain and suffering to a lot
of people.Let's not embellish his name and award him any honors.The very
name you are clamoring could have killed you and wiped out your entire
family. Francois Duvalier initiated the Haitian Diaspora with his reign of
terror.The best brains were forced to leave our nation and go abroad.We
lost 30 years and valuable people because of this despot.He belongs right
up there with Pol Pot, Hitler and Big Dada Idi Amin,a visceral demagogue
who had nothing in mind for the masses,looked at the kind of company he
kept.I am not interested in whether or not he had noble intentions at the
beginning,I am judging him by what he did and by what he left us,which was
nothing.Duvalier was a half ass intellectual, and a frustrated one at
that.Please, I beg you both to bury this revisionist movement of Francois
Duvalier once and for all. Let us not allow ourselves to be nostalgic of a

Mario L. Delatour
Tokyo Japan