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#2290:Francois Duvalier topic - Coates suggests

From: Carrol Coates <ccoates@binghamton.edu>

In connection with the several recent postings on F. Duvalier (Guy Antoine
I see this morning, another yesterday), I would just suggest looking back
at Rene Depestre's first novel, LE MAT DE COCAGNE, either in the original
French or in my (an immodest reminder) translation, THE FESTIVAL OF THE
GREASY POLE.  Although it is fiction, Depestre mentioned or alluded to a
number of the infamous aides/"helpers" around Duvalier, including that
great entrepreneur Luckner Cambronne who helped many penniless Haitians by
giving them a pittance for their blood.  I summarized a good deal of the
historical background (and more) that was mentioned in the post yesterday
or the day before in the introduction to the translation.  Kenbe!  Carrol

Carrol F. Coates
Binghamton University--SUNY
e:  ccoates@binghamton.edu
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