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#2291: Tour guide in Haiti

From: jacqualine labrom <ljacqui@haitiworld.com>

HI TO ALL THE AFFICIONADOS OF HAITI - I'm a Tour guide here in Haiti and I
put on lots of different tours for both diaspo and foreigners coming in, as
well as for the expats and local people working here. I am trying to stop
them all going to the DR and Miami, and get to know Haiti instead!!

This is just to let anyone who is interested know that I have an ISLE DE LA
TORTUE trip coming up. There is a new project run by a Canadian guy offering
simple  but comfortable lodgings and I've taken the place over for the
weekend of 19th -21st of February. I've still got 6 places -doubling up in
rooms. We fly into Port-de-Paix and then transfer to the island by boat.
Then the next day we're going out to the Beach which was classed as the
'Best Beach in the Caribbean' by Conde Nast TRaveler Magazine - Pointe
Ouest. It really is spectacular - has to be seen to be believed - super sand
that goes on and on, and emerald clear waters.  So if anyone is interested,
contact me straightaway and I'll give you full information on this or any
other tours I do - on ljacqui@haitiworld.com

Lets get people visiting Haiti either from outside or inside!! There's so
much to see.
Bye for now. Jacqualine Labrom