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#2292:Francois Duvalier topic - Lamour adds


antoine (and my fellow corbetteers),

i was a little boy growing up in Cap-Haitien when this gruesome execution you 
recounted so eloquently took place... there was another such execution of 
Pean, the owner of a funeral home, on Champs-de-Mars near the Justinien 
Hospital... from my classroom at 'kay frère' (frères de l'instruction 
chrétienne, rue 18 espagnol), i could hear the detonations of the guns... i 
still vividly remember how my family and our neighbors expressed privately 
their indignation vis-à-vis those politically brutal abuses... 

i definitely think other than crimes and corruptions, duvalier and 
duvalierism, jean-claude and  jean-claudism have contributed next to nothing 
to our haitian society... i would never look for development ideas and models 
for the country from their ideology, let alone their 

les racines historiques de l'état duvaliérien by michel-wolf trouillot and 
duvaliérisme after duvalier by gerard barthélemy are two good books that 
provide clear analysis and understanding of duvalierism... please consult 

antoine, will you be able to recount the execution of Pean in a similar 
fashion?... if yes, please do so...

yvon lamour