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#2305: more on ATMs from Voordouw (fwd)

>From Jan Voordouw <jvoordouw@aol.com>

I must have missed most of this discussion on ATMs in Haiti.  But John 
Black's conclusion "that, unfortunately, they are not  connected to the  
North America network (only to Sogebank) so, local  currency withdrawals from 
off-shore checking accounts are not possible." is not completely correct.  It 
is true that one cannot withdraw funds from foreign accounts from Sogebank 
ATM's.  But when one enters the bank, one can get cash on either a debit card 
or a credit card. I have done both successfully.  The maximum is 7500 
Gourdes.  The only thing to take into account is that there are many 
occasions that the dataconnection is non-functional for awhile and you card 
cannot be charged immediately, and you might have to return somewhat later.  
So don't wait for the last minute.  You also have to bring extra 
identification (driving license, passport).

Jan Voordouw