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#2304: Black Lashes out at Bob for his Support (fwd)

From: Black, Patricia <Patricia.Black@pge-corp.com>

Seriously, Bob, thanks for coming to my defense!

But, unless I missed it completely, the question wasn't nai´ve.  The no doubt
otherwise well-informed people who "beat me up" apparently thought there are
no ATMs in Haiti.  In point of fact, there are.  So, my question did not
have an obvious answer after all.  It would seem my critics, in addition to
being a little smug about their own knowledge of Haiti, were na´ve about the
fact that even in Haiti changes for the good do occur.  They also made the
mistake of assuming simple questions come only from inexperienced people.

I wouldn't continue to beat this horse except for the more important
question you raised about what are acceptable topics for discussion.  I
value the list and read every word of every posting.  I'm anxious to learn
and I wouldn't want to give up any of the information about the
Kreyol/French/English etc. question,  economic solutions, historical
perspectives, current politics, etc. etc.  However, until recently the
postings have seemed dominated by those topics.  I wonder if others not able
to contribute at that level are disinclined to post.  I know there has been
some question about why so few of the 900 members are active. 

I (for one) would love to hear more about various people's experiences in
Haiti.  Quite some time ago a couple of people exchanged posts about
experiences they had in Jacmel.  I recognized a couple of the names and
places they mentioned and was very happy to be reminded of my own travels in
that area.  I realize these reminiscences don't carry the weight of more
serious commentary, but I very much enjoy them and wonder if I'm alone on

I also have benefited greatly from the efforts of those list members who go
out of their way to recommend new publications like the Jorgen Leth catalog,
the Brandt guidebook, Haiti Libete, Carl Heibert's fabulous photographs in
"Where Light Speaks", and others, all of which I now enjoy -- none of which
I would have know of except for this list.  It's so nice that people take
the time to give ordering instructions, prices, etc.

I will be in Haiti beginning Sunday, February 13 leaving Friday, March 10.
It would be grand fun to meet some of my fellow Corbetters who are in Port
au Prince, Cap Hatian, Jacmel -- and dare I add, at the risk of being
thought na´ve, Hinche or Pignon.  (Actually, I know for a fact -- there may
not be ATMs in Pignon, but there are people who are on-line there.)
Unfortunately I can't tell from the posts which of you live in Haiti or may
be traveling there at the same time I am.  If either is the case, and it
might be possible for us to meet over lunch, dinner or a glass of rum and
tonic, please send me an e-mail including your phone number in Haiti and I
will get in touch with you.

I promise I do not have so little sense of humor as my recent posts might

John Black