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#2354: Haiti-Usa : Hermantin comments

From: leonie hermantin <lhermantin@hotmail.com>

I was also present at the Haiti-USA game, and what struck me was the sheer 
number of Haitians in attendance ( Miami-Herald estimates that half of the 
48,000 present were Haitians). I was also pleased by the fact that so many 
young Haitian-Americans (male and female) proudly wore our bicolore by 
either draping themselves with the flag, wearing it as a head scarf(bandana) 
and  donning patriotic tee-shirts (100% Haitian, proud to be Haitian).

I remember reading the sad story of a Haitian-American youth who commited 
suicide because he had been "outed" as a Haitian.  We have indeed come a 
long way. It was enheartening to observe that our youth have somehow come to 
terms with their hyphenated identities.
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