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#2355: Gold Cup 2000: Do or Die Day for Haiti. (HOL) (fwd)


Gold Cup 2000: Do or Die Day for Haiti.

Miami, 2/14/20005:00PM [HOL]Monday February 14, 2000 is Do or Die Day
for Haiti. After its first defeat in the opening match of Gold Cup 2000,
(match against United States) Haiti must win today's  game against Peru
at the Orange Bowl in Miami. A new defeat  means that Haiti Selection
National will be sent back to Port-au-Prince on Tuesday. 
Ze Nono, the team' s assistant-coach and team-player Sebastien Vorbe
(#7) are confident that Haiti has still a chance to remain in the     
competition. On Saturday, February 12, in front of a crowd of 49,591   
fans, the US defeated Haiti 3:0. Jovan Kirovski (18th minute), Eric  
Wynalda (55th min. penalty kick), and Cobi Jones (89th min.) scored
for the United States. However, the team spirit may not be that
excellent. The Haitian  players' spirit were damped by their 3:0 to US.
A lot of criticism on the air (radio talk shows). Added to that, was the
confiscation of the team's uniform jerseys by customs. Administratively,
the Haitian delegation has some internal problems also. On Monday
afternoon,five hours before the game against Peru, two sources confirmed
that the Haitian team does not a have a uniform jersey for Monday's
game. On Saturday, as traditionally done in international soccer, the US
and Haitian team members exchanged jerseys. However, the extra jerseys
that should have been available for the  game against Peru are being
retained at Customs until payment of duty (taxes). On February 12, in
the second match of the doubleheader, Colombia defeated Jamaica 1-0 with
a brilliant goal by Gonzalo Martinez (15th minute).