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#2366: Re: #2359: On Dr. Francois Duvalier : Poincy replies (fwd)

From: Publisher <publisher@haitiantimes.com>

The first book I read about Haiti was my dear friend Bernie Diederich's book
Papa Doc and the Ton Ton Macoutes. One thing that came clear after reading
that book is that papa Doc was not operating in a vaccum. He was a
reflection of the Haitian people. His brutality as so eloquently described
by Guy Antoine and others, to moe is an extention of the Haitian people. The
truth is, when never know the real Duvalier. Not that he would have been a
saviour for the country. The fact remains, he was elected by the army
controlled mulatto, who saw in him a dumb country doctor that they could
manipulate. He outsmarted them all and perversely created a reign of terror
that we're still suffering for. Under papa Doc Haiti was not highly regarded
by the U.S, not that it is today. But the fact is, money was not flowing. It
began to flow, however, under his son, baby doc, who to me is the most evil.
He squandered and partied away the money. Let's remember around the early
70's was when Rockeffeller started his Carribean basin initiative and
investments helped developed jamaican, DR and other countries in the area.
What did Jean-Claude do, he married a trash who blew the state's money on
cocaine and furs and orgies. To me, these crimes are as evil as those of the
son. Perhaps, he did not execute them in public. But he sent them on shark
infested waters. I would hate to be there as these boats capsized and become
shark meet. Imagine the cries. I can't. So let's not concentrate on the evil
of papa, I think baby did more harm to the country,