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#2367: Re: #2359: On Dr. Francois Duvalier : Beaucejour replies (fwd)

From: Jean Beaujour <jbb123@hotmail.com>

Beaucejour replies to Poincy,

Most of discussion on Duvalier has been focused on the negatives aspect of 
the regime. I believe a few positive things did come out of the Duvalier 
regime. Under any regime, there are going to be torture and violence. By the 
way, after Duvalier, I think more people died under the Army and FRAPH. This 
goes to show you that the problem of violence in Haiti is not a Duvalier 

Duvalier has changed the political scene in Haiti forever. Prior to him, 
noone really made a clear effort to include the mass in Haitian Politics. 
The mass which was excluded of politics is now a strong force to reckon 
with. He empowered the mass and this will prove to be significant now and in 
the future.

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