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#2373: Arthur says show us the money (fwd)

From: Charles Arthur <charlesarthur@hotmail.com>

Keywords: Jean-Claude Duvalier, debt

All this talk of the Duvaliers...Folks will know of the Jubilee 2000 
campaign for the cancellation of poor countries' debts owed to rich 
countries dating from the time when any good dictator could borrow millions 
and make the people and their children pay it back (it's not dictators 
anymore). The Haiti Support Group is looking at how Haiti's current debt 
developed. We see that, according to the World Bank, Haiti's external debt 
rose from US$156m in 1977 to US$844 in 1987 - Baby Doc left for France on 
February 7 1986. (The size of the debt in 1998 was US$1,132m, but how and 
why the loans are being spent nowadays is another question.) Our question to 
the list is, does anyone have any ideas about what the Jean-Claude Duvalier 
regime did with all this money? Yes, we understand that Michelle 
Bennett-Duvalier had air-conditioning in the National Palace so her fur 
coats would stay in tip-top condition, but what else? Swiss banks, overseas 
property and land, Baby Doc's penchant for gambling, and pornography? Show 
us the money.
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