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#2374: Haiti-USA. Succar comments on soccer prospects

From: Jean Succar <succarj@hotmail.com>

I compltely agree with you that we must support Haiti.  However, I would 
like to bring some constructive feedback to the weaknesses of Haiti's team.  
Essentially, I think Haiti lacks speed and easily gets tired.  We need to 
train our players on being able to easily sustain a 90-minute game 
breathlessly.   On the other hand we have displayed signs of good team 
choegraphy.  The team is very organized and gives trace of a great defense.  
The Haitian team did very good against Peru especially these three players: 
the goalkeeper, Carlo Marcellin and Sebastien vorbe.  We have a good future 
we need to work on our weaknesses.  Vive Haiti!!!!!!

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