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#2449: Dr. Francois Duvalier Part I and III: Jude comments


Mr. Antione,

About the historical struggle between blacks and mulattoes, I have the example in my own family. My grandmother (sang melee) was disowned for marrying my grandfather (neg nwe). Years later after the family was reconciled when my uncle was sent from Cap Haiten to P-A-P for scholl @ one of my great aunts house they went through great pains to make sure that they were not seen together in public because he was not as fair as the other members of the family. Today some 40 years later both branches of the family are still at odds even though the darker branch attained advanced degrees in everything from engineering to medicine and the lighter ones are working odd jobs in the US. The division that devides the country also devides families and until we realize that we are all BLACK we will not move forward. Is this not the reason that the so called massesdo so well in the US and other countries but not at home.