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#2448: Marie Laurence Lassegue in New York: Durban comments

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

Many many years ago, I met Ms. Lassegue at her then young
daughter's birthday party.  My own daughter was a classmate
attending that party.  Since then I have seen her name from
time to time, but have never met her again.  I would be
curious to know where she stands on some of the issues
surrounding Haiti.

Although I do not even know what commune or district she is
running for, she could probably easily pick up 350 votes by
visiting our electronics plant for an hour and (1) shaking
the hand and (2) asking for the vote of every worker
(mostly women) as they go out for lunch at noon.  She could
simultaneously remind them of the importance of registering
to vote (most are not yet registered).  This would be a
little U.S. style politicking that is (of course) almost
unknown in Haiti, but being there exactly at noon is
important, since that is when everyone files out to eat.  

If she is interested, please have her call me in Haiti on
401-8862 (cell) or during office hours at 246-3930 or
249-1207.  Our plant is located near the Visa Lodge Hotel
not far from the Port-au-Prince Airport.

Lance P. Durban


-- Robert Corbett <bcorbett@netcom.com> wrote:
> From:FpierreLou@aol.com
> Marie  Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue who is  running for a
> senate seat in the 
> next Haitian election will be in New York the weekend of
> March 10, 11, and 
> 12. For more information on how to contact her, please
> call 516 313-1212 or 
> email me.
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