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#2471: Jean Jean-Pierre confirms and clarifies role of Duvalierist Colonel Acedius Saint Louis in Munich (fwd)

From: Jean Jean-Pierre <jean@acd-pc.com>

Indeed Guy it was Colonel Acedius Saint Louis who slapped Jean Joseph
(Grimo) who play libero (free full back) for Cap Haitien Team, later
Violette and Team Haiti (He was one mean full back who was so agile that
he could travel the field to be in front of the opposite goalkeeper in
no time).  The reason:  FIFA authorities suspended Jean Joseph.
On Saturday June 16, 1974, the day following the Haitian team good
showing against Italy, Jean Joseph –as all the athletes participating in
the world cup- was tested positive for drugs.  It turned out that Jean
Joseph was taking some Ephredine based medication because he was
asthmatic.  Although the team doctor pleaded with FIFA authorities to
let him play, they felt he had violated the rules. Arsene Pelao Auguste
who played in the defensive squad with Jean Joseph, once told me that
the team was so demoralized, had they not been afraid for their
relatives back home, most of them would have not returned to Haiti
(Arsene played professional soccer for Tampa Bay from the mid to late
seventies.  He died a couple of years ago in Florida).
Acedius, a Duvalierist devotee who is now is great Lavalas supporter,
was the commander  of the Leopards, another repressive military branch
created by Jean Claude Duvalier in 1971 upon his investiture as
President for Life.
Please do not ask me what an army colonel was doing traveling with
professional athletes.
One little anecdote:
Upon qualifying to participate in the world cup in Munich in 1974, Baby
staged a well publicized  ceremony at the Stade Sylvio Cator during
which titles to parcels of land were publicly distributed individually
to each player of Team Haiti.  Turned out that the land which was
located somewhere behind the then Francois Duvalier Airport was nothing
but “marecage” (quagmire). Needless to say that none of the players was
able to take possession of his property.
(Jean Poincy this is not some concocted tale. I and thousands of other
folks were present).
Jean Jean-Pierre