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#2470: Vodou Art (fwd): Can anyone on this art list help? (fwd)


Dear Gabrielle, according to John Allen Franciscus' Haiti: Voodoo Kingdom to 
Modern Riviera 1980 p 69 Jacob, Joseph b. 1924 in Port-au-Prince. After 
completing primary and secondary education he became a contractor-builder. 
His teaching of technology and drawing in construction at the Government 
Central School led him to painting. From 1960-1963, he studied at the ashburn 
Institute,NY, and was director of the Coin d'art Gallery, HAiti. He has 
exhibited in US, Europe, and S.A. His Work is characterized by a technique of 
painting with dots and the expression of sorrow in the faces of his subjects.

I hope this is helpful. Send me the file I would like to see it

From: Gabrtielle Shreiner <gabriel1@vgernet.net>

Dear Sir,

I am in possession of a work of art 24x24 oil on woodboard by a certain
J.Jacob. It is
entitled "La puissance du Grand Damballa" and I wish to sell it. However
I am having
one hell of a time finding anthing on Jacob. I have attached  a copy of
the painting and
maybe you can help or at least steer me in a direction.

Kind regards,
Gabrielle Shreiner
413-637-3006 EST