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#2478: On Dr. Francois Duvalier Part IV - Stockdale replies to Poincy

From: clayton stockdale <cdstockdale@home.com>

I can see where circumstances led Papa Doc--but it seems to me that where
the 2 sides of this argument separate is at the question of "good".  Papa
Doc made a CHOICE.  He CHOSE to be what he became.  He (like everyone) is
accountable for his actions.  Therefore, from his point of view (staying in
power), his choice was "good".  From the point of view of those who saw (or
felt) the results, his choice was NOT "good" for Haiti or Haitians.
Duvalier's ultimate goals (dreams) for Haiti were destroyed in the eyes of
the people he wanted to help, because of his choice of actions.

As wonderful as Machiavellianism looks on paper, the end justifying the
means rarely goes over with the populace, because they (at least some of
them) are in the way, and those not directly in the way will fear for their

Deb S.