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#2500: An inquiry on deforestation

From: Gabrielle Silva <imsmiles@sopris.net>

I'm interested in any stories having to do with the deep causes of the
deforestation of Haiti, going back as far as possible.  Individual
situations, ultimate motivations by individuals, actual turning points in
policy, personal motivations in policies, logging companies, the profile of
the forest species that comprised the forest of Haiti before devastation,
anything having to do with military intervention, anything that might give
me some interesting twists for a screenplay that I'm working on. The story
focuses on aerial seeding as part of the solution and includes a male lead
who does aerial environmental work and a female character who is working to
help the children of Haiti.  This is a work of fiction so factual details
with proof are not necessary, I'd like to stay realistic in the general
feel of the film and make an exciting entertainment that can offer
solutions within the context of the story.
Thanks.  G. Silva

I look forward to being a part of this forum, thanks for your work!  G. Silva

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