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#2501: an inexpensive Haitian Art place (fwd)


I was in the Bloomfield area in New Jersey for the first time this past 
several days.

I came upon a Haitian Art "store "located on 176 1/2  Broad St. in 
Bloomfield. It looks very nice. The owner Cathy Dorval is not a curator or an 
artist. She seems to be  another Haitian entrepeneur who opened  a small 
business, a "Haitian art store"  or"boutique". This is not Centre D'art. I 
don't know if I should call it an Art gallery either though I see  a 
potential for that . I mentioned it because  this is the only place that I 
have been able willing to buy  a piece of Haitian  artifacts outside of 
Haiti. The store looks appealing and the prices are extremely reasonable.