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#2515: An inquiry on deforestation (fwd)

From: E Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

Read Haitian novel
*Sezon sechrès Ayiti*, 1994
[Season of drought in Haiti]

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[Books on Haiti and on Kreyol]
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>From: Gabrielle Silva <imsmiles@sopris.net>
>I'm interested in any stories having to do with the deep causes of the
>deforestation of Haiti, going back as far as possible.  Individual
>situations, ultimate motivations by individuals, actual turning points in
>policy, personal motivations in policies, logging companies, the profile of
>the forest species that comprised the forest of Haiti before devastation,
>anything having to do with military intervention, anything that might give
>me some interesting twists for a screenplay that I'm working on. The story
>focuses on aerial seeding as part of the solution and includes a male lead
>who does aerial environmental work and a female character who is working to
>help the children of Haiti.  This is a work of fiction so factual details
>with proof are not necessary, I'd like to stay realistic in the general
>feel of the film and make an exciting entertainment that can offer
>solutions within the context of the story.
>Thanks.  G. Silva
>I look forward to being a part of this forum, thanks for your work!  G. 
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