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#2535: Gran Brijit et al (fwd)

From:  <avrussell@hotmail.com>

Interestingly enough, I found references to a series of old African-American 
folktales, specifically from South Carolina, to several stories about 
mermaids.  Origins are believed to be West African.  Several of these 
stories are printed in Elsie Clews Parson's _Folk-lore of the Sea Islands_, 
South Carolina published in 1923, in Richard M. Dorson's _American Negro 
Folktales_ and in Harold Courlander's _A Treasury of Afro-American 

I bought a book called "Sukey and the Mermaid" for my daughter, a children's 
version of one of the stories from Parson's book.  Apparently, the author, 
Robert San Souci, adapted his story from this and other West African folk 
tales.  He also made reference to several Caribbean traditions where the 
mermaid is referred to as "Pretty Jo" or "Mama Jo", ("Mama Dlo").  
Considering how close the story is to stories of our own "La Sirene", I 
wonder if M. San Souci actually has Haitian roots!