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#2536: In resonse to Goff: caribbean comparison (fwd)


Sicla writes:

While today's comparison between Haiti and Cuba may be accurate...I do not 
believe that Haiti and Cuba were comparable 45 years ago (economics, 
education, etc.)..Even in it's deteriorated state, after 45 years of neglect, 
the infrastructure in Cuba remains superior to Haiti (than and now)...More 
importantly, while comparison takes into account the effects of outside 
influences, namely the CIA and the US. It fails to consider the most 
important outside influence, the Billions of dollars that was pumped into the 
Cuban economy by the former Soviet Union...Once those funds disppeared Cuba 
was left with a disfunctional economy, begging for tourist for "capitalist" 
countries and blaming the US (not world) embargo for everything wrong with 

PS..Where exactly is the United States building this  "beautiful" new 
military base near Cap Haitian? I'm planning a trip next month...(always a 
faithful tourist)