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#2556: Just weeks away, Haiti's election cloaked in doubt : a reply

From: Jean Paul <jpp@compa.net>

I must renew my amazement at the quality of journalistic reporting that is
given to Haiti.  As you may have herad, an altercation with one irreverent
IFES consultant between the CEP Operations manager (my boss) led to my
dismissal (aim high, take what you get) from the CEP. After one day off the
job, I was recalled because of the necessity to get on with it. Haitians now
call me PAKAPALA.  

Anyway, after 10 journalists called me, I met with them on Monday for 20
minutes. The feedback has been generally positive, with me being called in
to the "white house" on wednesday for a top level briefing.

I am now continuing with my consultancy, although I am not an official
member of the CEP staff.

Journalists, especially foreign ones, should confirm stories before
publishing them. There are at least 5 mistakes regarding me in the Reuters

Thank you

Jean Paul Poirier