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#2562: Miale gets the last word on Cuba:

Corbett comments:  Sorry folks, this is a Haiti list.  No more
Cuba posts.  Please write one another directly to discuss those issues.

From: Walter Miale <wmiale@acbm.qc.ca>

>over 40 years of Castro has produced a failed agriculture....food is
>still scarce...
>this is due to the failed concept of state ownership...>
>Castro has increased literacy, but not employment...he increased medical
>care, but when a government official needs even a simple operation, they
>go to Mexico or Venezuela....if one needs insulin, malaria pills, most
>anti-biotics, etc, they must either pay in dollars on the black market,
>or do without.....
>prostitutes make more in one evening than medical doctors make in a
>month.....teachers have not had new textbooks in almost 10 years and the
>level of technology in Cuba as dropped considerably.....
>clean water is in few places, and the same is true for electricity......

Cuba has been on the receiving end of an economic war --in the form of the
trade embargo-- for decades. How can you say that the conditions you
describe are due to state ownership and not to the embargo>