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#2563: Military Bas Cap Haitian : Benson relates

From: LeGrace Benson <legracebenson@clarityconnect.com>

>From where I was staying in Cap Haitian these last two months, I could see
the boats come in and watch planes land.  I had other things o do, but it
was of some interest to note the US military presence after the
announcement that US had pulled out.  Rumors were as thick and as
misleading as a foggy day on Pic LaFerriere. The full court press of big US
military men in the Cybercafe was not a rumor.  They were not talking about
why they were there.  So some folks decided to check around.  No one saw
the least scrap of evidence that these folks were building any sort of
permanent base.  They are occupying the collection of tents they brought in
on the transport planes we saw landing.  These green dwellings are at the
end of the runway at the airport.  Some visitors to the site were told they
were repairing an orphanage.  This is apparently true, as someone familiar
with the place in question paid a visit.  There seh discovered the military
personnel busy installing a new septic system, repairing roofs and
upgrading the electrical system.  Questions yielded the response," WE are
here on one the the humanitariant missions that are port of the new policy
for the US military."  There is indeed such a new policy, according to
earlier new reposrts in US papers.  The orphanage apparently was selected
in the foloowing circumstances.  A person who knows the orphange (which has
been there for some time) understood that a US nurse who visited for a
volunteer stint there went back home appalled at the conditions.  She sent
letters to all the churches of her denomination (a protestant group) asking
for assistance. The letter was read by a Captain in the US Air Force, who
thought this would be an opportune location for implementing the new
policy. All this information so far comes from reliable eye/ear witnesses.
The inquiries got underway becasue it was beginning to be rather
embarrassing to be asked by all the Haitians and Canadians in the area,
"Why are your soldiers here?"  We are aware of not having received complete
information, but what I send is accurate, although minimal.  Repeat, NO ONE

Regards, LeGrace Benson