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#2573: Origins of Gran Brijit

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

I looked up Gran Brigitte in "VE-VE Ritual Diagrams of Voudou" by Milo 
Rigaud and found:
 "She is said to be the wife of Gede Baron Samedi, the Master of 
Cemeteries, who is known to be the father of all Gede. Which makes her 
the mother of all Gede as well as all the dead who repose in the 
cemeteries. Brigitte is symbolized in the cemeteries by piles of stones 
on which the voodooists go to prey.....Brigitte is considered...to be 
the first woman that God has created.....Brigitte is one of the Supreme 
Judges of the Voodoo Panteon...."

This reinforces what I have heard of Gran Brigitte. I have also seen 
her acted out in the folklore presentations of Banda, the dance of 

richard morse